Saturday, February 9, 2008

New House?

WARNING: the following story is FRIGHTENING!!!

So, Jared had mentioned to me recently at how good the housing market is right now for buying. I hadn't really thought much about it because Jared will talk about stuff like politics and the economy all the wasn't really anything out of the ordinary for me. Anyway, after we found out that my brother and his wife got approved for a loan substantial enough to get them a condo, Jared and I both thought it might be interesting to see what kind of housing we could qualify for. Coincidentally enough, Jared has a family friend who used to be in our ward who is a mortgage lender or broker or something like that and asked him if he could possibly put together some numbers for us.

Now, let me make it clear how much Jared and I have NOT been looking to move! Sure, we don't love paying rent when it's really just throwing money down the toilet, but we have a pretty inexpensive apartment and we've been really happy here. We were STRICTLY curious to see what kind of house we could afford.

At work last Thursday, I get a phone call from Jared. He told me that his friend didn't have a number for us yet, but he had secured a loan for us with a government that would pay for our down payment (and we don't have to pay it back!). Also, he was compiling a list of houses that were for sale, and if we decided to buy off that list, we would not have to pay ANY closing costs! Holy Frick! And, to top this off, we're not having to pay this guy a penny for this work.

Here's the REALLY scary part: his goal is to have us closing on a home by the end of FEBRUARY!!!

Holy Cow! Jared and I haven't even been TALKING about moving, like I said before, and a house may just be dropped in our laps! Wow! This was all a bit much for me to handle!

Now, I'm actually very excited about this proposition, and I have no doubt that Jared and I could handle a reasonable mortgage payment. We make enough money to handle it. I just feel a little overwhelmed. Maybe this is silly, but I feel so YOUNG! I mean, I can't own a house! I just became legal drinking age a few months ago! Maybe I shouldn't limit myself like that...I'm just so surprised that this is an option so early in my life and my marriage!

Of course, we're going to be doing some major praying about this. I would ask though that anyone reading this will do the same. I'm worrried about being able to separate my want for real estate from being sensible. Wow!


Cajsa Whipple said...

I wish we could get that deal thats awesome!!!! to bad we wont be buying a house till we are 40 and we already have a kid!!!! You are very lucky

Rach-B said...

Wow!! That is amazing!! I hope that you are able to get a house!

byuerin said...

How exciting, Lisa! (and Jared) It's weird to grow up, huh? I'll have to come visit you in your new home if it works out! Think of the decorating! (I mean, being allowed to paint walls and stuff)

Stina said...

let us know what happens! talk about a valentines present eh? :)

btw...i tagged you..check my blog :)

momof9 said...

Just a note to let you know Mom is watching! Good luck on the house thing. Understand that dreams do come true - but not always the way you expect

Brian & Tay said...

Wow, good luck! We're going through the same stuff right now, except with the added "what if we want to move to Arizona?" lol.