Saturday, April 12, 2008


So, I'm officially a really bad blogger. I'm super tired, so I"m going to do a QUICK update on my life thus far...

1) Jared and I are going to Boston on May 8-May 17. AAAAH!! I'm SOOOOOOOO excited! The only places I've ever been are California, Utah and Rocky Point! I've never even been on an airplane! but yes. Jared served his mission there and has kept in touch all this time with a few families. The Forgits kept asking him when we were going to visit so they could meet me...and we've finally got stable enough funds to do it...and we're not going into debt for it!!! WAHOO!

2)Jared officially has his own company now! Well, not his OWN, but he's the President of the company with our good friend Nathaniel Allen being in on it with him. It's called Signs Xtra...pretty much since Jared is pro with the sign industry (building signs, like "Bashas") he's going to be finding jobs to bid, design it (he's amazing with design and web pages and stuff), then outsource the actual manufacturing of the sign to his former boss, who will then make and install it. You can ask me for more details about it if you want. so, Basically, if you know anyone who needs a sign or monument, let us know!

3) I got a new car! It's a cute little 2005 Chevy Aveo. it's white, but i named it Ruby. Somehow, despite the color, I found it very fitting. We bought it from this girl who's a year younger than me...she'd been given it as a gift from her grandfather as a graduation present. Spoiled, I know. Anyway, after a couple years and only 33,000 miles later, she decided to buy a truck and posted her Aveo on craigslist. Jared found it! Now, it's mine! and only for $7000! it's in awesome condition! I LOVE MY CAR! (hence the exclamation points)

besides that, pretty much everything is the same. I'm just working life is pretty monotonous, but I love my life!

before we go to Boston, we should be investing in a hopefully this blog will become more intersting with pictures!

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Stina said...

yay!! i am excited for you to go to boston! how fun! i wish we could go to spain and see where troy was. although i don't think it would be the same as if we had gone shortly after we were married. no one would remember troy from that long ago anymore.:)although it might be fun to meet the girl who troy got noemi's name from :). jared has his biz now! wahoo!! how is it going?? eeee! i can't wait to see your car! i'm excited!

man i miss you guys! it feels like it has been a long time since we've been down.

btw...i have tagged you. :)

oh, and i love the background! didja get it from thecutestblogontheblock ?