Monday, May 26, 2008

Not the "Boston post"

Yes, yes, I know people are getting upset that I haven't posted stories and pics from my Boston trip. I'm sorry...i'm retarded. But, I have a funny story :).

I got Jared to read the Twilight series!! and, he LIKED it! He's pretty much just as excited, if not more, about the upcoming movie. This morning, he was actively hunting the internet for more clips. I think it's so funny! Also, I promised him I would read the Lord of the Rings series for him since he read Twilight for me....although the Twilight series is just SLIGHTLY shorter and an easier read. That's ok tho.

Another funny story: When Jared and I were in Boston, we stopped at a Barnes and Noble (he finished his books and needed more. He's crazy). I was begging him to buy The Host which I have yet to get my hands on, but he said no (i need to read the Lord of the Rings before I'm allowed to get into anything else...pooh). Later on, the guy who was ringing up our purchases was trying to convince me that The Host was the new Twilight book. Ok. No. So, I had to sit there and convince him of his misinformation. After a while he believed me, but he looked at me like a crazy Twilight fanatic. It was really funny. But seriously, he works at a bookstore. Sure, Twilight is pretty crazy out here because the author is FROM here, but it's pretty big out there too. If you work at a bookstore you have to know that kind of stuff. I mean, there were SIGNS in the store that stated the information that I gave him. It was crazy.


Cajsa said...

Hey I have The Host! so if you wanna borrow it... its here! And I love the cute new update on the blog how do you do it?

Tim and Katy Glemser said...

Ok, I have to say, The Host is a freaking amazing book! I loved it. And funny because Tim totally loves the Twilight books too and he's going to be at the midnight showing with me...and fifty billion girls. Ha. (And nice to see that you are back to blogging!)

KeLSie ORdonEz said...

Hey Lisa!! Wow....I didn't know you had a blog. YAY!! It is sooo AWESOME to hear from you. Oh, and I have The Host, I can't wait to read it(need to finish like 30 pages from the book I am reading now), I also can't wait for Breaking Dawn to come out!!!... Well, what have you been up to?? How long exactly have you been married?? We are trying to buy a house(if you haven't read) because of the awesome deals and because we don't want to live with parents, and don't want to rent when we can probably get a mortgage payment for same amount monthly. It will be somewhere downtown Mesa!! Which area are you living in now?