Monday, July 21, 2008


* Please note that the following pictures are not ACTUALLY of my house...these are pictures stolen off the internet to illustrate my current situation*

This is what my house looks like right now:

This is what I'm going to be doing viciously this week:

And, this is how I'm going to look after my house is clean:
accept not blonde...:)

What is the reason for this drastic change in behavior (i HATE cleaning!)? Jared's going to be gone/out of the house for most of the week! Now, Jared doesn't really make THAT big of a mess...everything just accumulates. And, I have a really hard time motivating myself to clean when he's around because he can be really distracting! Now, I'm going to miss him a lot (he's going to be gone tonight all night because he's going to the Diamondback's game with Jess, and then he's going to be gone from Thursday morning to Saturday evening for our ward's Super Activity), especially at night when I have nobody to cuddle with or to sleep next to me. However, to keep myself distracted, I'm going to try to get my house cleaner than it's been in a LONG TIME. pray for me...this could get ugly :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

I love surveys!!!

Katy said anyone could tag themselves...and I'm a loser who loves these, therefore, enjoy :)

20 Years ago...
1. I was almost 2 years old.
2. I lived in a tiny little house with my 6 older brothers and sisters and parents, and I was the CUTEST kid ever who could just smile and get what I want
3. My mom had to keep a close eye on me because I would pretty much walk off with any male adult if given the chance

10 Years ago...
1. I was a very happy 11 year old getting really excited for 6th grade
2. I realized how poor my family was
3. I was very impatiently waiting to start YW.

5 Years ago...
1. I was actually enjoying my summer reading project (I was reading Jane Eyre)
2. I was working at Nielsen's Frozen Custard
3. I was super excited to be in choir with Mr Aguilar (who had also been my choir teacher my last semsester of 9th grade)as the teacher!

3 Years ago...
1. I was going on a TON first dates (that always stayed first dates)
2. I met Jared :)
3. I finally figured out who I was

1 Year ago...
1. I was married for 6 months
2. I was serving in the Nursery and thought I was going to be stuck there for the rest of my life
3. I was still figuring out how to be a wife

So far this year...
1. I gained weight :(
2. I supported Jared's new business and helped him get ranked high on Google
3. I got released from Nursery and got called to be a Laurel Advisor

1. I taught my first lesson ever to the Laurels
2. I kicked my in-laws trash at a game called "Joker"
3. I visited my parents

1. I made Jared read scriptures with me before I left for work (and by this, I mean I woke him up by turning on the light and sat on the bed eating a bowl of cereal while we took turns reading out loud)
2. I listened to church music on the drive to work.
3. I made fun of a dumb co-worker

1. I will work all freaking day
2. I'm going to a wedding reception
3. I get to go to my ward's RS Book Club meeting

In the next year...
1. I want to be 15 pounds lighter.
2. I want to be free of credit card debt
3. I want to be pregnant or have a baby!

Um...I'm gonna cheat like Katy and just say that anyone who wants to do this can consider themselves "tagged"

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Missionary Work

Yes, I know. I suck at blogging...but I really think it's because I really hate the fact that my blog looks so pictures, no cool stories, etc. So, you'll all just have to be resigned to the fact that I'M boring. sad.

Anyway, recently, Jared has become the best friend to the missionaries that serve in our ward. He has a passion for missionary work and he's really good at it. I, on the other hand, am terrified to talk about the Church. I'm definitely not ashamed of what I know, but I feel really inadequate when it come to talking about i'm going to leave someone with false doctrine. However, since the missionaries love Jared and are all about having members fellowship the investigators, Jared and I have actually been going to discussions! On average, we go to 2 lessons a week...and today, we're giving a ride to an investigator mom and her 4 kids. So cool! So, this is what I feel like right now (minus the boy part of it):

It's a really cool feeling! This Spirit that can be felt during a discussion is, for me, really different from the feeling of what you feel in church. It's awesome and I love that I get to be a part of it!

On another topic, Jared sold his first sign! I'm so happy, proud, and relieved! I was beginning to get the horrible, pessimistic idea that nothing was ever going to happen with his company (for all of those that don't know, Jared recently started his own sign company...selling signs for buildings and monuments). Seriously, if you know ANYONE that needs a building sign, please refer them to this website : Jared's really proud of it!

So, I was just recently called to be the Laurel Advisor in my ward. Um...i'm only like 3 or 4 years older than some of them, so I didn't think they would call me to that position. But, clearly, this is wear the Lord wanted me. Shantelle Peterson, the YW president, told me that some other leaders were pushing for me to be in with Mia Maids or Beehives, but she felt really strongly that I needed to be in Laurels. I'm so grateful for her listening to the Spirit! I'm so privileged to be able to work side by side with her and Truly Huish. It's funny tho...Shantelle is the wife of the 2nd counselor in my bishopric and Truly is the Bishop's wife. So, either the Lord feels like I have a lot I can learn from these amazing women, or Jared is going to be called to be the 1st Counselor? (scary!)