Friday, October 17, 2008

Halloween! and many other things...

So, I've never really been one to really celebrate Halloween. As deprived as it sounds, I've never even been trick-or-treating (growing up I lived in a REALLY BAD neighborhood, so we never went). I don't really enjoy dressing up in costumes. It just really hasn't been my holiday of choice. This year though, for some reason, I'm REALLY excited about it! I mean, I'm still not going to dress up or anything...or go trick-or-treating. I don't think I'm even going to pass out candy (i'm hoping that my sister will let me come over to her house in Queen Creek and help her boys get ready with their costumes). I don't know what it is! I just love this season! I love the changing weather and actually having to bust out my jackets in the morning and the crisp cool smell of cold weather! I love it! Also, it signifies my birthday! yep, I've got another birthday coming up! As of next Friday, I will be 22! Yay for birthdays!

On to other things: For all of you who have been asking me how I'm feeling, I feel GREAT! I'm tired all the DEAD tired. I pretty much come home everyday from work and want to do nothing but sit on my couch and stare blankly at the TV screen or read a book until I fall asleep (on several occasions this week, Jared has come in to the bedroom with me in my pjs, my glasses on, peacefully sleeping with the light on and my book somewhere on the bed...he thinks it's really funny). But, I'm not sick at all anymore! I can pretty much eat whatever I want now, and only a few smells (mostly any red meat) make my stomach churn.

Oh! I got a new job! Hooray for me! Starting on october 24th (my birthday actually) I will be working for Rehab Arizona and calling to get authorizations from insurances. And, here's the best part: it's only 2.5 miles away from my house!!! I currently work at a podiatrist's office in North Phoenix...which is about 30 miles away from where I live and an hour drive. NOT FUN! Don't get me wrong...for the most part, I really enjoy working here. I like paper work, scheduling is ok, and my pay and benefits are pretty fantastic. Now, sounds pretty tolerable, right? Ok, it's tolerable I guess, but I've just gotten to the point that if I stay here much longer, I may just murder a couple of my co-workers. One of the doctors I work with (who does not have any special pull around the office...he's not a partner of the practice, he doesn't get a cut of what's being made...he just gets salary)is INSANE!!! He waltzes around ordering us around, treating us like slaves (the medical assistants get it the worst...I get it pretty bad though because my desk is right the exam rooms he uses). He never says "please" or "thank you" which may not seem necessary in the work place, but the Head doctor here does really makes a difference in how we respond the what we're asked to do. He's got a really foul mouth and kind of a bad attitude. He drives me CRAZY!!!
Also, one of the other employees I work with has the worst work ethic...honestly, I see elementary school kids that have a better work ethic than he does (and it's not like he doesn't know HOW to work...he just has no drive or motivation to do it, so he doesn't). Honestly, the only reason he still works here (because he's had more than one official complaint made against him) is that he's a really good talker. He's most often described as a "used car salesman". It's a little bit ridiculous. The thing that makes me crazy is that fact that he's been here for a year now...long enough to learn pretty much how everything that goes around here...and he acts totally ignorant about EVERYTHING. And, he's actualy admitted it's so he isn't asked to do stuff. Seriously...I willnot miss either of these two guys. Both of them cause me to feel something like this:

Now, there's definitely people I'm going to miss. Julie, Nikki, Cherolyn, and Adrienne are really high up there on the list...but really. This new job is an answer to my prayers! I've really been needing this change!

As I've mentioned before in other posts, I'm one of the Laurel Advisors in my ward. This means, not only do I take turns teaching on sundays, but I get to have part in all those really fun programs that the YW do! THis past wednesday was Yw of Excellence. It was so awesome! The ones that I had when I was growing up were always kind of formal occasions. We had to wear our sunday clothes and it was either in the chapel or Relief society rooms...they were really cool, just very stiff and kinda formal. My ward did a JUNGLE THEME...very different from the way I grew up having them! We started in the Cultural hall that was totally decked out in vines and jungle stuffed animals. Then the YW president, Shantelle Peterson who is one of the cutest people alive, led everyone on a safari! We had seven different rooms, for the seven different values, where the girls displayed what they'd been working on. It was so awesome and fun and the spirit was so strong! I'm so grateful to be in the YW organization!

We still haven't heard anything on the house...we're supposed to by the end of the month though..Honestly, I really don't care anymore if we get it. I love my apartment, my neighbors, my ward, and my calling! I'm especially starting to get closer to some of the women in my ward...I'd be pretty sad to leave. But, if it's the right thing to do, then I'll do it.

Well, that's my life right now...not really exciting, but somehow this entry still ended up being forever long. Sorry!


rachel said...

Lisa, I love you! I had no idea your birthday is coming up, you sneaky little mamma :) Can't wait to party. I'm glad you are feeling well!

JaimieA said...

Yay for birthdays! Are you going to do anything fun? Congrats on the new job, that's always exciting! I totally understand liking your job but wanted to strangle people that work there! I hope you don't move to queen creek, I say this because it's soooo far away, but I don't visit you I guess what's the difference?! Ok we need to do something!

EmileeandJonny said...

Seriously I didn't want to turn 22 I feel like I'm getting too old!!! Yeah if you read my blog we just had a bad experience with wanting a house!:( Oh well. The saddest thing for us about wanting a house too is we don't want to leave our ward! We LOVE it! But I wouldn't mind living in a nicer area! Glad you are feeling better. I remember being so exhausted all the time- trust me it doesn't really end, it gets better but it doesn't end!