Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Suck

Yes...I know. This is why journals never worked for me...I suck at updating. EVen now, I only have a few minutes to put a post up. Sorry
So, the reason I don't ever have real pics of Jared and I and stuff that we do is because Jared has had the camera at work. So, I convinced him that since we paid for the camera ourself, and not his company, that we needed to keep the camera at home. Especially with a baby coming! Now I have the camera and I just need to learn how to download them onto the computer (i'm kinda lame when it comes to that kind of stuff...I've never done it before, so I have no idea how to do it). Moral of the story: My blog will have real pics soon! hooray!
I'm getting fatter. I'm actually wearing maternity clothes now (well, some real maternity clothes and some clothes that I had before that never looked right on me but look really cute now that I"m pregnant)! Hooray for pregnant bellies! I can't wait until I'm ginormous! Also, I'm feeling the baby moving around a lot more, but only when I'm laying down. On Sunday, I was laying on the couch watching the Cardinals game (ok fine, i'm evil), and the baby was going NUTS! So, I told Jared that the baby likes football and he got really excited! But, I suppose it could be that we have a very spiritual child who was upset with us watching it on Sunday. Either way, it was really cool to fel Baby going nuts!
I finally set up my first doctors appointment! I know, I know, I should've done it a LONG time ago, but this way we think we'll have enough history to show that AHCCCS should accept us. Cross your fingers. Anyway, the appt is on Dec 10th...and I"m pretty sure my doctor will kill me for waiting so long (i'll be like 24 weeks at that point), but I figure, I'm taking my vitamins, the baby is growing and moving, and I feel great. Unless there's something horribly wrong with my pregnancy, there's really not much else a doc can do, right? I hope I'm right. But, I am excited for the appointment. WElp, I've gotta go back to work!