Sunday, December 28, 2008

sooo...a month and a half later...

Is it really worth mentioning again how bad I am at keeping this updated? I'm so ridiculous!
So, I tried taking so pregnant pictures right now of myself so I could show the handful of people that actually read this (mostly my family I think who already know how pregnant I am) my awesome pregnant belly! But, as it turns out, I'm not so good at taking pics of myself (and I didn't want to ask Jared because he's sick in bed right now). But, it's probably a good thing because there's not a single place in the house that I could take a picture that wouldn't show how horribly messy my house is right now. So, pretend this is me:
Pictures of myself will come later when I can find someone to take them and when my house is clean (or else i'm not at home). Anyway. I seem to have just gotten past the stage of people actually being able to know without asking that I'm pregnant. Apparently, people who didn't know me before I got pregnant just assumed that I had a big belly pooch? Which makes me kinda sad because I've always had a relatively flat stomach! Oh well. But yes. I'm not humongous by any stretch of the word, but people are now lovingly calling me "fat". This is the only time in my life when I'm ok with this :) OH!!! I can't believe I almost forgot! Jared and I recently found out the gender of our baby! we're having a GIRL!!! We're so freaking excited!!! So, mid-end of April, we're gonna have a little Taylor Kelly Payne!
So, my Christmas was pretty dang awesome! We actually go a tree this year! Last year we didn't get one and this year with me being a total miser didn't want to get again. But, we went to our ward Christmas Party and they were doing a drawing for some of those fake, pre-lit trees! We won!! Jared set the whole thing up and painstakingly arranged all the branches so it didn't look so fake (i know...i've got a pretty dang awesome husband!). Then, Jared's mom wanted to give away some of her THOUSANDS of decorations so we inherited some other stuff that actually made our apartment look festive! I never really understood before how much decorations can REALLY change the atmosphere of a place! It was instantly Christmasy!!so fun! As far as presents go, I got a pretty good haul! I gotta say...Jared is FANTASTIC at getting presents for me! He told me his secret was not asking me what I wanted so I'd always be surprised, but it's gotta be something more than that. For example, I have ALWAYS wanted one of those cute pajama sets (the button-front shirt with the matching pants). ALWAYS! I've NEVER told him that! But, he got me this really awesome set of Victoria's Secret pajamas (totally modest btw) that are made of satin and maroon with little pink stripes! I LOVE them with all my heart (my brothers-in-law were all impressed that he went into that store by himself...)! Also, I got some board games (Jared hates board games, so it was a really sweet gesture for him to get them!) I got: which he picked because you can have babies and put them in the vans (can you tell he's excited to be a daddy) as well as:
(umm...does anybody else think that Merv Griffin looks like what Tim Schnepf is going to look like in 20 years? I've actually seen the TV show and it was like being in the future. so wierd)
In addition to these, I got the DVD of Kung Fu Panda, a rockin' awesome over-the-stove popcorn popper, some really cool paraphernalia from The Office (like pencils, notepads, pens, etc), a baby blanket, a blanket used for swaddling the baby ('s so cool), some awesome baby stuff! (my sister got a hold of an exersaucer, a 'Jenny-jump-up', and a bassinet!_), and a TON of food storage!.
Of course, Christmas wouldn't have been complete without all the family time! Jared and I were fortunate enough to spend time with both our families on was awesome!
So, the next exciting thing going on in my life just happens to be the CRUISE!!!!!! AAAH!!!! SO FREAKING EXCITED! Jared's parents are really awesome and wanted all of the kids and their spouses to go on a cruise all together as an awesome vacation and as a "last hurrah" before babies start popping out! However, they knew that pretty much none of us would be able to really be able to afford it if we paid for it ourselves, so Jared's mom decided that she was going to save every penny from her part-time job to pay for HALF the cruise! so, every couple only needed to come up with enough for 1 ticket! $750 is a LOT more affordable for a weeklong vacation than $1500. So, WE'RE GOING ON A CRUISE!!! We leave this Friday (the 2nd) to drive up to LA and we'll be staying overnight in a hotel or motel or something that Jared's parents found for dirt cheap. Then, THIS COMING SATURDAY, we'll be boarding the ship and heading out on the cruise to the MExican Riviera! CAn you tell I'm really excited about it?

I'll definitely be taking, maybe next post will have them?

oh and p.s. all of my backgrounds now will be pink and girly in celebration of my upcoming little girl!