Thursday, January 21, 2010

This is for my friends who've removed me from their blog lists because I never update :)

Well, friends, that is if I have any left after my 9 month blog break, I'm alive. And how do I know it's been 9 months? Because the last posting, done by my awesome sister-in-law Leigh, was the day after Taylor was born...and she's 9 months old now. Geez! So, here's a quick update:

Taylor is FREAKING adorable and super tiny. That's right folks. Tiny. At her 9 month check up, she weighed in at 14.9 pounds...which in the 3% of her age. I PROMISE I'm feeding her. In fact, I'm pretty sure eating is what she does all day...and, she's in the 10% for her height. So, yes. She's little. Or, as Grandpa Payne says, she's a "gidget. But please. Look at this face, and tell me she's not the most adorable thing you've ever seen:
Ya. I know. GORGEOUS!!

Anyway, Taylor is all over the place. She is WAY too brave for me to handle. She tries to climb out of her highchair, scales the couches, scales her crib, and climbs anybody who's holding her. Seriously. She's a little climber. And a crawler. And a wannabe walker. And a jabberer. And the best, sweetest little girl that I could ever ask for.

Alright. Enough gushing. I will be posting more often now, so hearing about Taylor's antics will probably be more than you'll be able to handle. On to more updates:
- I'm still working full time at Rehabarizona as a insurance checker/chart prepper/auth keeper, etc. I don't really know what my official title is. I don't know how much longer I'll be working...if life ran the same way it does in my dreams, I'd be home all day with my baby girl (and learning how to do crafts at Leigh's house :) ). But, well, life HAPPENS. At least I like my job and where I work. Honestly- me working where I do has been a complete answer to my prayers. That's another story for another time.

-Jared, Taylor, and I are currently living with the Paynes. Now, when I've told people this in the past, I've gotten sympathetic nods and hms. DONT' WORRY! Living here is FUN! I'm not gonna lie. I get along with my in-laws REALLy well! We were here so much anyway that we practically were living here, so it's not such a big adjustment. And, it's a pretty smart financial move. Now Jared and I can work hardcore at getting out of debt and building up our savings. Hooray for positive changes!

-I have a new calling. I was working in the Young Women program as a Laurel advisor. My girls were the best. And, I felt young and cool. But, with Jared in the Young Men program, both of us getting to mutual right at Taylor's bedtime was a little bit of a problem. So one of us had to get released. I knew it was going to be me right off because Jared is a miracle worker with the YM. I was at peace with that (even though I knew I'd miss my girls). What I didn't count on was the calling that they extended to me....WARD CHOIR DIRECTOR. Uh. What!?!?!? Yes. I know. Insane. I felt right away the ironic confirmation that I was supposed to have this calling, but I swear I could hear Heavenly Father chuckling at the same time. Here's the thing. I kinda quit singing for a while (long story...). There's a good majority of my ward who had no idea that I can sing. In fact, when Bro. Peterson extended the call to me and I accepted, he said, "are you even musically inclined?". Boy did I feel sheepish. See, I'd been feeling very much that Heavenly Father was disappointed with me for not sharing my talents. I just didn't know He was going to get even with me. Anyway, this is literally the scariest thing I've ever done. I would much rather sing solo in front of a million people than actually direct a choir. I feel REALLY out of my element and really wish I'd payed more attention all those years in choir to the actual DIRECTING.

Ok. I'm tired and this is all starting to sound garbled. I'm sorry if none of this made any sense. But come on. It's a post. That's PROGRESS!!


HELLO my name is Jill said...

oh my... well welcome back! Taylor is so adorable. You're inlaws are pretty much the best. good luck in your new calling!

nate and marne said...

yay, a new post!! i fully agree, taylor is dang adorable. you guys need to come to more hangouts so we can see you guys. i bet she and rachel would be great crazy climber friends. rach walked at 8 months, so i fully feel your pain. and i know what you mean about her being little. rach was 17 lbs at her 1 year check up. we like them little, right? :) and good luck with your calling. i am right there with you about feeling like your talents were unused. i, on the other hand, joined a great choir! so hopefully He won't get even with me!!

Ben and Annalee said...

yay, welcome back! She is so adorable and having a tiny baby is the best. I love it. They seem more baby like longer for some reason. Kylee was never on the charts but she seems bigger than Taylor at that age b/c Kylee has a monster of a head. She never had to be corrected for her age on that one! :) Wow, good luck on your calling. I'd die! I didn't know you guys moved. Good luck! It took us a while but what helped was transferring money directly from our checking to savings. Good luck!

Jenny said...

I completely agree--Taylor is one stinkin' cute kid! Good luck with the choir. I'll just stick with accompanying mine... :)

Devon Johnson said...

Yeah! Yes we are awesome! Its great to hear from you!

Katy said...

Ah! You are ALIVE! And thus you will return to my blog list. :) Nothing personal...I just take people off the list if they don't update in several months just cuz I would keep on checking and nothing happened. But I am SO happy for your upate! And your baby girl is just precious. Yay for Lisa!

JaimieA said...

Lisa Marie Root Payne! He had to ask you if you were musically inclined?! Ok I can see people asking me that because really it's hard to tell, but you?! What the heck!
Thank you for updating I only knew you were alive because you talked to me a couple weeks ago on facebook...but I was still worried :)

tappens said...

I was literally about to delete you off my blog list (no offense), when I thought, "hey, I'll just check and see if they're still alive". And Wow! You are alive! And the parents of a darling little girl! Good luck being choir director, I'm sure you'll be awesome if you are still the Lisa Root I remember :)