Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's time for a change!

Ok. Anyone who knows me will agree with me when I say that I usually spend very little time on my appearance. Of course I never consciously look unpresentable (unless I'm just going over to my parent's house or making a quick trip to the grocery store...although I know that latter is a fashion faux pas), but very rarely do I actually spend a minute on my hair or wear makeup. It's even got to the point when sometimes I don't even wear makeup to church. Now, some people may use the excuse for me that I have a child and spend my time on her (because really. I think I make her dress pretty darn cute most of the time). I've used that excuse multiple times myself. Some people may even argue that it's HEALTHY to not spend too much time on the physical appearance. Makeup isn't that important. Don't get me wrong! I'm not trying to offend people that don't wear makeup or anything! I totally understand and agree with you that makeup does feel pretty silly sometimes. However, I've noticed in my own life that if I'm looking more presentable (e.g. have my hair done, wearing makeup, wearing clothes that actually fit me instead of being really baggy and shapeless), my behavior is more professional and I don't feel like I'm lazy!
Where did this sudden, but long time coming, motivation come from? A TV show. Dont judge me.

On Saturday mornings when I want to be sleeping but Taylor wants to get up, I turn the TV on to keep me awake while she plays. This is always the show that I turn on. This show gives me inspiration. I've been trying lately to change my image to be more sophisticated and age-appropriate. This show gives me the motivation I need to change (i know..kinda sad). The last couple of shopping trips I'd had were a little depressing. None of the shirts fit right, so nothing looked good. So I felt ugly and fat. Ok. I'm not ugly and I'm not fat. So, what's the problem? Um...Lisa? How about you stop shopping in the junior's section? And how about you stop analyzing that stupid number on the tag and just get something that FITS RIGHT. These are simple things I knew in the back of my mind, but "What Not To Wear" has given me the strength to embrace it. Like I said. Don't judge me.
Now, I spoke of my hair. I had crazy long hair that I never could find time to do anything with but stick in a boring ponytail...everyday. Even for church. Notice I said "had". Solution? HAIRCUT!! YUP! I chopped off my was overdue.

Now, it's super low maintenance. Yay! Also, I look a lot more put-together and not so frazzled.
What about the makeup issue? Well, since I started watching "What Not To Wear", I've been loving the idea of makeup more. Carmindy, the makeup artist on the show, is all about enhancing natural beauty instead of covering up. She always looks amazing and makes the women on the show look amazing, all while not using tons of makeup. I figured she used really special, expensive makeup. Wrong! Jared's sister, Kelly, found out that Carmindy's stuff is a line of Sally Hansen stuff! And it's sold at Ulta! we both bought a set last night which consisted of:

all for only $20! I used it today for church...that's right! I wore BLUSH!!! Anyone who knows me well, knows that I've never been successful with applying blush...that is, unless it's for stage makeup. I'm like a clown. Today though, Jared couldn't tell I was wearing any while his mom and sister could. I'll take that as a VICTORY!

Again, I'm not knocking anyone who isn't in to this stuff...and, I don't anyone to make the mistake of thinking that this is the focus of my life or that I preoccupy all my time thinking of worldly things like this. Like I said, I'm just trying to change my image so that I look different than I did in high school... I'm not only an adult, but I'm a mom. I need to start looking and acting that part. Ok. I'm off my soap box. :)