Sunday, June 6, 2010

So much for the goal of blogging more often...

Guess what? This post is actually going to have real PICTURES!!!! Amazing, I know. So, because I work full time, I don't really have a lot of time to take Taylor on outings. However, I had Memorial Day off, and my awesome SIL Leigh had the idea of taking our kiddos the ZOO!!!! This was Taylor's first zoo trip! It was awesome, but I think she'll appreciate it more in a few years :). Here's some of the sweet stuff we saw:

Notice how the mckaw is waving at me!

See any resemblance between the monkey and Taylor?

Did you know the zoo has a splash pad for kids? It's pretty sweet, and Taylor LOVED IT!!

No matter how much fun she had though, after just a few hours, I had a sleepy baby.

Also, to keep Leigh and I entertained just as much as the kids, she took an idea from Danielle Lussier and decided we should do a color challenge. I would post my pics, but they look like a 5 year old took them compared to Leigh's. So, you can see hers (and learn more about the "color challenge") HERE Good times!
As for other updates:
Jared just got a part time job...which is especially exciting because he wasn't looking for one! He'll still be running his company SignsXtra (by the way, if you know of anybody needing a building sign, vinyl graphics, or ANY sort of sign, hit us up!), but he'll also be working for...RehabArizona (where I work!)!!! He's going to be and I.T. guy! My boss just called him up the other day and wanted to know if he'd be interested! So excited! With his extra income, we'll be able to pay even MORE of our debt off! AWESOME!!!

Taylor's getting to be pretty crazy! She's so stinking cute though! These are some of her favorite things:

Very odd combination, no? I honestly don't think I've seen another 14month old with as much personality as she has. While that make her a handful at times, it's also kind of endearing!

Well, I think I've gone on long enough and put up MORE than enough photos...but let me leave you with just one more photo:

a video to show her personality:

and a video to show the pros of reusing the strawberry flats:

Life is good! Hopefully, I can keep blogging more regularly...


Cajsa said...

That is the cutest funny face!! She is adorable!

Kelly said...

She is endearing, we all like her a lot.