Thursday, August 12, 2010


As can be seen by the video on my previous post, we're teaching Taylor how to say "I love you." Now, I don't think she has any idea the significance of what she's actually saying...I'm pretty sure she just knows that it makes up happy and is just repeating what we tell her to say. Regardless, it warms my heart more than anything in the world. I literally can just watch that 5 second video on a bad day and I feel infinitely better. Today however, as I was at the sink washing her sippy cups, she peeked around her high chair at me and said in her cute little voice "luh-loo." I thought my heart was going to burst!!! She said it totally unprovoked! I love my little daughter so much! I am so grateful that Heavenly Father saw me fit to take care of His sweet little daughter. She can definitely be a handful sometimes with her HUGE personality, but she is so sweet and innocent and can make me feel like the luckiest mommy alive. I love being a mom!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Misc Mumbo Jumbo

This post is going to be a potpurri of happenings and will probably end up being disjointed and crazy...but that's pretty much my consequence of NEVER updating...

First off, we went out and bought Taylor a big-girl carseat (she's barely big enough even though she was 15 months old when we got it...):

She likes it ok, but then again she's not really a fan of the car (unlike most children). I do think she likes it better than her infant carseat though...she can reach her feet more efficiently, which is important for the act of swiftly taking of your shoes and throwing them once you get in the car. Yup. That happens every time. However, I'm noticing that if I play certain music while I'm driving, she tolerates the ride a lot more. So far I've discovered that she likes Ingrid Michaelson, Sara Bareilles, Brandi Carlisle, and Jason Mraz...all who are actually MY favorite too! What can I say...she has excellent taste in music :)

I'm auditioning for a choir!! I'm really excited, but trying not to get my hopes up too high about making it (I haven't done any REAL singing and REAL sightreading in a loooooooooooooong time!). It's the EVMCO (East Valley Mormon Choral Organization). This quarter they'll be preforming at Gammage in September for the new Rob Gardner production, and in December they'll be doing their annual Christmas Concert at MAC. I'm really exited about it!

RehabArizona (where I work), had the most awesome swim party/bbq last night! It was over at Rhodes Jr. High where the pool was just redone (they have a wave pool area where you can surf!). I mostly hung out at the splash pad..Taylor LOVED it! She was laughing hysterically the entire time! She is such a freaking adorable girl!

Oh! Jared has a part time job now, along with still running his company. This is super cool because he wasn't even looking for one! He was just offered it! He's now working at my office doing IT computer stuff. It's really fun to see him while I'm working ( you know you're still love with your husband when you get butterflies in your stomach when you see him unexpectedly)'s nice to have him pop in my office from time to time and say hello!

I could add a lot more to this, but for the sake of time, I will go ahead and close, but not without showing you a piece of my awesome life: