Friday, September 3, 2010

Lamb of God

If any of you are familiar with any of Rob Gardner's work, then you know it's AMAZING!!! Next weekend, he will be premiering a new production called "The Lamb of God." As a member for the EVMCO, I'm privileged enough to sing in the chorus for it. Please, please, please come if you can. It's TOTALLY worth the time. Every Thursday that we've been practicing the music has been an amazing spiritual experience. I'm so excited to be able to sing about Christ, and share my testimony through Rob Gardner's words. Click here for more information.
The soloists are amazing, and the EVMCO choir is the BEST choir I have ever been privileged to be in. It's gonna be AWESOME!!

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Staceygirl said...

That sounds really neat. I'd love to if I didn't have a broken leg... it's such a bummer having to get around on crutches all the time!!