Sunday, December 12, 2010

random tidbits

I'm not good at coming up with things to blog about, but I'm trying to be better at blogging...and then eventually, maybe I'll be better at figuring out exciting things to blog about. So, I'm just going to share random things that cross my mind. Beware: my mind is EXTREMELY proceed cautiously.

-When I have a bad day, I always crave ice cream...not jut any ice cream. I want vanilla ice cream. And, if it's available, I will probably drown it in caramel. But, often, even when I don't have a bad day, I'll crave ice cream. Currently, this looks/sounds divine:
...the Sonic Sugar Cookie Blast. I've always thought it would probably be pretty tasty, but I saw a commercial that was describing it the other day, and I was practically drueling....mmmmmmmm!!!

-my daughter is wearing nothing but a diaper right now. Why? you may ask. Don't worry...she's just learned how to undress herself. She can take her diaper off too, but we're keeping a close eye on her so she doesn't take that off right now. I totally don't care about her undressing herself randomly as long as we're at home....but I will NOT tolerate her running around with no diaper. That's just asking for pee all over the place.

-Jared's birth-mother's (he's adopted...I'll have to share that story sometime) family LOVES Taylor. We go over to the Bressler's house every few months, and at almost every visit, they supply her with a new wardrobe. I love it because all of the stuff is SUPER cute, and it saves me TON of money. This last time we went over there, they got her some new shoes. This is what she's wearing right now (along with just her diaper...she's so cute:

. So stinking cute.

- I have recently really started to appreciate shoes. I think if I was ridiculously rich, I would make sure I had 2 pairs of shoe in every color: 1 pair would be heels and the other would be cute flats. Shoes are fun.

-I work in a pain management office that deals mostly with prescribing the really hardcore medication. Because of this, we have to be VERY strict...we make all of our patients sign a "pain contract" that basically states they will submit to random urine drug screens, get pain meds from ONLY us, and that you will take the medication AS PRESCRIBED...unless you can take less...but NEVER more than prescribed. As I said, EVERY patient signs this, but there is a large percentage of patients that don't follow it, which results in us discharging them from the practice. Anyway, we're very careful. But, patients are getting very creative in their lies. WE had a patient who came in 2 weeks early for a new prescription. This is a HUGE no-no. But, she spun a story about how she was going to be flying out of state for the holidays and wouldn't be back in time for her monthly appt. Our PA told her if she brought in her flight itinerary and her pills that she had left (so we could count her pills and verify she was taking them a prescribed). So, what did she do? She brought in a fake itinerary. And, apparently, she didn't think we would verify it. Needless to say, she was less than pleased when we caught her in a lie. Also, I could be wrong, but isn't it common knowledge not to drink alcohol when you take narcotics? I think the pain contract says something about it too...So, imagine one of our Nurse Practitioner's surprise to discover an empty bottle of liquor in our restroom....I just have to shake my head all the time. Also, I've pretty much lost all of my faith in humanity. Yikes.

-Taylor has done pretty well doing without her "boppo." I'm grateful. Our next project will be to introduce her to the potty...I think she's about ready...we bought a potty for her for Christmas, and it plays music as a reward when you pee in it. I'm really scared though. I have NO idea where to even start with potty training. Suggestions?

-My Ward's christmas program is next week. I'm choir director of my ward I can confidently say that it's going to be great. I chose the songs and I had my awesome hubby write the narration. But, when I say "write" i mean compile. 99% of it he took straight out of the scriptures, quotes from latter-day prophets, and from Preach my Gospel. You can't really go wrong. If you're interested, we meet at 8:30 at the Lehi Stake Center. Hit me up if you want to know where it's located.

Ummm...I think that's enough random gobbeldygook for now. You're a champ if you read the whole thing. :)


Katy said...

I'm a champ because I read it all! :) Thanks for the update!

Smith said...

I loved your blog update. Very entertaining.