Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Life as of late...

First of all, I'M PREGNANT!!! Hooray! Looks like my due date is going to be on about October 6th. I'm very excited! People have been asking me if I want a boy this time, and the answer: I don't care. I love little boys, and if it was a boy, I'd get another baby shower! Taylor gets along really well with boys. But, I wouldn't mind if it was a girl either....I've already got every little baby girl thing I could ever need, so we wouldn't have to buy anything. And, Taylor doesn't really have any girls to play with. All of the accessible cousins anywhere near her age are boys, and I'm not close friends with anyone in the ward that has kids her age. So, either a boy or a girl will be just awesome! I'm just excited to be a mommy again, and I know that Taylor is going to make the best big sister. She already gives the "baby in mama's tummy" kisses. She's so sweet.
So, there have been some differences in this pregnancy than the last. Some of these differences might be TMI for some people, but it's for journaling purposes, so sorry:). First off, I was sick very little with Taylor...I threw up just a handful of times. I did however feel sickest in the mornings, which made getting out of bed rough (and I'm typically a morning person). I also was very tired all the time. With this pregnancy, I haven't thrown up at all yet (I am however only 8 weeks...there's still time...), and I feel the worst at night. Sometimes I have to get up with Taylor in the middle of the night (Jare ed can't get back to sleep if he wakes up in the middle of the night, and that poor man is already stretching himself to thin to be sleep deprived), and it's REALLY rough. Also, I've been tired, but I haven't been as tired as I remember being when I was pregnant before. It could be because I'm not working quite as much.
Another difference I've noticed (and this one is one that's probably TMI) is in my pooping. When I was pregnant with Taylor, I wasn't constipated, but it was a little difficult for me to poop. It could be that I was maybe subconsciously afraid to push too hard for fear of popping out the baby, but I felt like there was some barrier that was physically keeping me from pooping. This pregnancy, I've had NO issues with pooping, which is nice:). Also, my horomones are a little different this time around. With Taylor, I was crying all the time....ANYTHING set me off into a fit of tears. This time, my gut reaction is severe irritation and anger. And, it's exhausting. I've been trying really hard to contain my horomones and stay even tempered, but when I'm internally feeling like this: but outwardly trying to portray this:, it can be very tiring. But it's ok. IN the end, I get a new baby :)

Taylor has been growing up so much lately. She has MASTERED talking...I very seldom have to wonder what she's trying to say...she communicates VERY well. Right now, she's all about doing things by herself ("Tati do it!"...yes. she calls herself "Tati"), whether it be dressing herself or strapping herself into her highchair or carseat. She also LOVES the show Caillou. At first, I had a major adversion for Caillou because, before I'd seen the show, Taylor had a Caillou book that she wanted read to her OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. We don't know where the book came from, but it is the WORST BOOK EVER!! Seriously. I'm a huge advocate of children's literature, but this was the worst written book. The title didn't match what the book was about...and there wasn't actually a plot...or even a story. It was just TORTURE. I finally broke down and hid it...Taylor has TON of books. She eventually didn't even miss it. But, the show is actually pretty good. It's cute and has good morals (although, as a pregnant, grumpy woman, I shake my head at Caillou's parents...NOBODY is that cheerful and patient with their children ALL THE TIME). And, with Netflix, Taylor can watch Caillou as much as she wants! Way to go Caillou.

Another cute thing about Taylor is how well she pick up lyrics to her favorite songs. I always sing her primary songs as I'm trying to get her to go to bed. The other night I sang "I am a Child of God" and she knew almost ALL the words! IT was so sweet to have her sing with me.
BEfore I close, I'll just leave you with one more funny Taylor moment:
Last night as I was changing her diaper before I got her ready for bed:
Taylor: "where dada?"
Lisa: "he's at school."
Taylor: "oh dinit" *dang it* (in a very dejected voice)
it was so funny! I've never heard her say "dang it" before! Oh. also, she very seldom calls me "mommy" anymore. Now, I'm "Sheesha" (or Lisa)....yay. My not quite 2 year old is calling me by my first name. Cute, but mostly funny. What a fun girl!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Neglecting... what I've been doing to this blog...Good thing none of my New Years Resolutions had anything to do with keeping this updated...I would have ALREADY failed miserably:). But really, I feel like there isn't much excitement in my life to blog about. SO, you'll have to settle for hearing about Taylor:).
Taylor is so unbelievably smart. I know every mom says that about their kid, but seriously. She's SOOOOOOO smart! and verbal! The girl is a little chatterbox, and she speaks surprisingly clear! I'll have to try to get some video and post it on here soon. One thing that she has been showing in increasing interest in is singing. It is so sweet to hear her get the words right to some songs that she hears all the time. She has the SWEETEST little voice.
Taylor LOVES her nursery class (which she's been going to for almost 6 months) fact this Sunday, we hadn't even left for church yet and she started jumping up and down yellng "chuch! chuch!"...and I'm pretty sure it's not Sacrament meeting that she's excited about.
For all of you that know my SIL Leigh, you know that she is crazy in the way that she can just pick up whatever skill she chooses and totally excel at it. Her latest hobby is photography. I don't understand it, but she has mastered it REALLY fast. A couple of weeks ago, she took her boys and Taylor on a little photo shoot. Here are some of the pics that involved Taylor, but PLEASE go to her blog and take a gander at her work. She's talented.

Her website can be found here.