Monday, February 7, 2011

Neglecting... what I've been doing to this blog...Good thing none of my New Years Resolutions had anything to do with keeping this updated...I would have ALREADY failed miserably:). But really, I feel like there isn't much excitement in my life to blog about. SO, you'll have to settle for hearing about Taylor:).
Taylor is so unbelievably smart. I know every mom says that about their kid, but seriously. She's SOOOOOOO smart! and verbal! The girl is a little chatterbox, and she speaks surprisingly clear! I'll have to try to get some video and post it on here soon. One thing that she has been showing in increasing interest in is singing. It is so sweet to hear her get the words right to some songs that she hears all the time. She has the SWEETEST little voice.
Taylor LOVES her nursery class (which she's been going to for almost 6 months) fact this Sunday, we hadn't even left for church yet and she started jumping up and down yellng "chuch! chuch!"...and I'm pretty sure it's not Sacrament meeting that she's excited about.
For all of you that know my SIL Leigh, you know that she is crazy in the way that she can just pick up whatever skill she chooses and totally excel at it. Her latest hobby is photography. I don't understand it, but she has mastered it REALLY fast. A couple of weeks ago, she took her boys and Taylor on a little photo shoot. Here are some of the pics that involved Taylor, but PLEASE go to her blog and take a gander at her work. She's talented.

Her website can be found here.

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Darci Cole said...

So cute! And yes, please take some video so I can see your adorable almost-2-year-old :-)