Saturday, May 14, 2011


In addition to my last post, I realize that while I did announce that I was pregnant some time ago, I neglected to post about what I'm having! For those of you who don't already know............. IT'S A GIRL!!!! That's right. According to my friend Josh, my husband is a "ladies man." I'm THRILLED to have another little girl! Taylor gets to have a little friend to play with that she can dress up like a doll (and I'm pretty sure she will...). Anyway, her name will be Abby (NOT Abigail) Something Payne. We haven't quite decided on a middle name yet, but we're leaning towards Rose. So, maybe Abby Rose Payne? WE'll see.
She's due to make an appearance on October 6, but I have to have a c-section (darn my "deformed pelvic outlet"), and Dr. Beck says he delivers c-sections a week early. So looks like I'll have another bundle of joy at the end of September! AWESOME!!!!


Lolo said...

YAY FOR GIRLS!!!! I think having two of the same is awesome! Now JT is way outnumbered. hehe!

Wendy Hansen said...

Yea for girls! And you make really cute one. We are so in name kahoots (is that a word) Anyway, I always wanted a girl named Taylor, but then I already had a Tyler so it seemed redundant. And I nearly named Ashley Abby, because I thought it was so cute. I changed my mind, and now we call her Addy. I don't know why, I think Dylan called her that when he couldn't say her name, and it just stuck.