Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 04- A habit that you wish you didn’t have

I could talk about the "typical" habits I have: biting my nails (it would be nice to have pretty nails), picking at my face (I love popping zits), etc, but I want to talk about a habit that has ailed me my whole life.
Ok. Here it goes. I have a problem with being nosy. Now, I'm not the type to pry for information...I'm very indirect, and almost sneaky of how I gather my information. I just am a really good listener and observer. This serves me well in some instances...back when I was working full time, my co-workers would ask me where a chart was that they couldn't find, and I would ALWAYS have the answer. Or, if there was some problems with a patient, even if I wasn't directly involved, I would always know what was going on, and could fill in the dr's if the MA wasn't available to explain. Also, when I start a new job, I pick up things really fast because my eyes and ear are always open. I guess you could say that I've tried in my later years to use my powers for good. However, when I was younger, my nosy-ness would get the best of me. I was COMPLETELY powerless against the compulsion to read my sisters' (yes, plural...) journals (sorry Amy and Christina). Or to eavesdrop on conversations (my mom used to call me "Big Ears"). I really feel like I lost the trust of some of my loved ones. Even now, if I see someone's cell phone laying around, I really have to fight the temptation to read their texts. That's totally terrible, and I really feel like I've improved over the years, but MAN has it been a battle!

I have a hard time controlling my blabber-mouth sometimes too. Ask my brother..I can't tell you how many bday or christmas presents I spoiled for him because I told him what he was getting (although, in my defense, I was just supplying information that he was ASKING for). In later years, I really have to restrain myself from gossip...especially at work (why are offices so full of juicy drama??!?!). So, I guess I'm a "big mouth" and "big ears"....


Wendy Hansen said...

Nice post and very honest. And being a good listener is a good thing! I think we all have or use a big mouth from time to time. I remember right after I got divorced I purposely told someone that had a big mouth so that they could spread the news and I wouldn't have to. Sadly, in that instance, she didn't tell. I should have told her not to tell. LOL

Stephen and Amy said...

I KNEW you read my journal.....but if you must know, I read your diary once too ;) (just once. It was an entry about Mikelle Biggs)So we're...even...? Also, I forgive you.