Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 06- celebrity crush and why (supply picture)

Ok. Many of you may not recognize/know my celebrity crush. I think he is so cute:

This is Zachary Levi. Now, I base my "celebrity crushes" solely on what I see on TV. Not what I read about them in the news. I prefer my celebrity crushes to only behave the way they're portrayed on their shows...otherwise, I tend to lose respect for them (like Tom Hanks. I LOVE Tom Hanks and had so much respect for him until I had to hear about all that crap he came out and said about the Church...ruined him for me). So, I don't actually know anything about Zachary Levi other than the fact that he's cute, looks nice with scruff, has a killer smile, and can sing really pretty!
He plays the main character on one of my favorite shows, "Chuck"...he's such a loveable nerd! He also is the voice of Flynn Rider in "Tangled"...and YES! That is his singing voice as well.

Haha! If you were to ask Jared who my celebrity crush was, he'd probably say Patrick Dempsey....which is true, but not all at the same time!


Katy said...

Flynn is my newest animated boyfriend. He's up there with Dmitri from Anastasia.

Wendy Hansen said...

Sorry, Patrick Dempsey is already taken. I have a thing for doctors.