Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 07- What was your last dream about?

The last couple of weeks, I have VERY vivid dreams...I credit that to pregnancy. They're so exciting though! Last night, my dream was about something similar to Batman. My father...whose face would switch off from belonging to MIchael Keaton and Richard Burgi (that happens all the time in my dreams...a person is always the same person to me, but their face is often different...) was a retired hero, something like Batman. His biggest enemy had been hunting him for a while though, but my father and I had been doing an excellent job of not being found (I think he'd stopped hunting this bad guy to protect me?). Anyway, we were set up, and my prom date actually ended up being the bad guy's son...and he'd asked me out just so that his dad could come capture us. It was an amazing dream of capture and escape. Seriously. It was kind of trippy in some places, but it was really exciting!

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