Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 08- Awkward Obsessions

ummmmmmmmmmmmm....I'm not really an obsessive personality? I'm kinda having ahard time with this one. I guess I"m kinda obsessed with TV...but I feel like that's more of an addiction than an obsession. Recently, I was really addicted (or obsessed, I guess) with:
Awkward because it's actually a rather trashy show. But I got WAY sucked into the story line and drama of it all to be able to give it up. But I did. And, I don't even miss it. However, I didn't give it up until I watched all every episode ever made currently....

Currently, I LOVE this show:

I really love (some) talent-related reality shows. American Idol was a favorite for a while, but the last few years just really haven't done anything for me...I ESPECIALLY can't handle this year. Say what you want about Simon Cowell, but I loved him. While he's harsh, he's usually right in his critiquing. The panel of judges this season aren't even critical! It's very frustrating. Anyway, The Voice is definitely a breath of fresh air! And, I can't wait until So You Think You Can Dance starts back up.

So, I love those shows, but TV in general is a bit of a problem for me...and the wonderful technology of DVR has done nothing but enable my problem. I'm like a TV zombie. There can be a million things I have to get done, but if the TV's on, I'm like a moth to a light and can't stay away. Now, I do have to say that my self control has improved that past few years. For example, I'll turn the TV off if I can't find anything to watch, rather than just pick something and glue myself to it.

Having an addiction (or obsession) with television viewing may not be viewed as "awkward" to some, but I find it frustrating. I LOVE to read, but I can rarely tear myself away from the TV to pick up a book. Also, I could be dead tired, but if there's a show on that I HAVE to watch, I will sacrifice my rest for that dumb show.

I kinda wish I just didn't have a tv...

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