Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 09-Something That Ticked You Off that Shouldn't Have Ticked You Off

This one is kinda funny....When I was pregnant with Tati, I was really hormonal in the way that it was really easy to make me cry. This pregnancy, my horomones have turned against me in the form of rage. EVERYTHING ticks me off that shouldn't. It's very frustrating because I don't LIKE to be angry. This particularly happens to me at work. I'm not a very "Type A" person, but I get really close when I'm at work. So, that on top of my tendencies lately for anger make work the very opposite of my "happy place."
Other things that tick my off that shouldn't:
-stupid drivers
-the hubby's comments about most stupid drivers being women
-being late
-being told I'm wrong when I'm CLEARLY not :)
-having the TV on ALL the time
-not having enough space for everything
-having a messy room
-females on a power trip (men on a power trip are so much less annoying..why is that??)

I could go on and on. See? EVERYTHING ticks me off! I love being pregnant (literally), but this one is definitely taking an emotional toll on me! My poor family!

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