Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 1- 15 interesting facts about ME

This is going to be hard. I really don't feel like I have anything interesting about I'm just going to list some random facts...I'll let you be the judge of whether or not they are interesting.

1. I have never broken a bone, had strep throat, had an ear infection, or a cavity. Basically, I'm the picture of health. ha. Not really

2. I had multiple imaginary friends as a child. Some of their names were Mike Schmidt and Como

3. Because our house was so small when I was growing up, I spent a couple of years with the kitchen as my bedroom. My underwear drawer was the stand that our microwave sat on.

4. I am the seventh child of for all you trekky's, that makes me "Seven of Nine"

5. I love to read...however, I made a promise to the hubby that I'd read the LOrd of the Rings trilogy before I read any other's been almost a year since I've read anything else because it's taken me so long to get through them! I'm currently half-way through the 2nd one. Oh geez.

6.I used to bite my toenails. Like a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago. Stop judging me.

7. I have had a steady income since I was 14...of course when I was 14 it was very little, but still. I have an excellent employment history :)

8. Jared and I knew/dated eachother for a month before we got engaged.

9. Until I lived with my in-laws, I always sang when I was in the bathroom...whether it was to shower or just to USE the bathroom. I'm a little bit self-conscious...that's why I stopped when we moved in with the Paynes.

10. I love all kinds of music, except for rap, heavy metal, and most r&b.

11. I know ever song from Les Miserables by heart, but I've never seen the performance. But, that will change as of June 11!!!

12. Before I met got married, I'd only been out of state 4 times...I'm pretty sure that's doubled since I got married.

13. All through school/college, I had very few female friends. I got along with guys much easier....I guess being a huge flirt didn't hurt either.

14. I do not have any love or attachment to animals or pets of any kind. Although, I did love my SIL's Jack Russel more than I've ever loved an animal. Hugo was awesome, although he shed a ton and his fur was really was like stepping on pins!

15. I've been able to sing on the stage at Gammage at least 3 times....I can't remember if it's been more than that.

welp. That's all. Maybe you've learned something about me, and maybe you've just determined that I'm not interesting at all :)


Timothy said...

I'm glad you're blogging again Lisa! :)

Timothy said...

Crap I'm signed in as my husband. This is Katy. Hee hee.

Lisa and Jared said...

haha Katy! that really confused me! I was like, who the heck is Timothy??

Wendy Hansen said...

Wow, those are some very interesting facts. You really are the picture of health, that is a miracle.