Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 14- An Amusement Park that You Would Burn to Ruins.

I can count on one hand how many amusement parks that I've been to. They all happened while I was in high school, and every time, I had an AWESOME time. Why the heck would you want to burn an amusement park down?

So, while I can't tell you one that I'd burn to the ground, I'll just list the one's I've been to.

1. Disneyland (Sophmore year on my choir tour)

2.Great America (Junior year on choir tour)

3. Castle's N' Coasters (on a group date with James Manning, JD Bradshaw and Tori Harris, and another couple I can't think of in the summer...I can't remember if it was after junior or Senior year)

I think that's it. I don't really count Sunsplash as an amusement park, but I have been there a handful of times...maybe 3 or 4? SO, if you were to count that, I suppose I'd have to use 2 hands....

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Staceygirl said...

These blog topics don't seem to be working for you - you're too nice! If you were to go to Disneyland on spring break, you might just hate it enough to avoid going again for five years or more - but eventually you'd have to go because the kids would hear about how awesome it is from the other kids at school. Paige's class did a timeline project, and at least 5 of the projects showed the date the kid first went to Disneyland as one of their major life events. Crazy!