Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 15- Put your ipod on Shuffle and list the first 10 songs that play

Currently, I can't actually find my ipod (I think I left it at work, which is annoying since I took this whole week off and sure as heck don't want to go there to get it...), so I'm using my itunes account. I'm sure this won't throw the results off :)

1. "Everybody's Changing- Keane: Hopes and Fears
2. "Not Alone"- Sara Bareilles: Kaleidoscope Heart
3. "Crowing"- Toad the Wet Sprocket: Dulcinea
4. "Everything I Do"- Bryan Adams: a mix CD I got from my SIL who got it from a friend...she named it Wonderful, Splendid Love Songs
5. "Encore 1- Speeches/Do You Hear the People Sing"- 10th Anniversary edition soundtrack of Les Miserables
6. "Sure Thing Falling"- Yellowcard: Lights and Sounds
7. "I Swear"- John Michael Montgomery: from a cd mix my sister made me right before I got married that she named Lisa's Country Serenades
8. "Through the Dark"- KT Tunstall: Eye To the Telescope
9. "Enchanted"- Taylor Swift: Speak Now
10. "Someone You Used to Know"- Collin Raye: 16 Biggest Hits

There you go. I like variety :) Also, if you didn't understand my attempt at organization, the part that's in quotes is the name of the song, and the part that is italicized is the name of the album that the song is from...The end :)

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