Sunday, May 15, 2011


A few days ago, my SIL brought a dog home from work. She said it was to help find a home for it (one of her managers had found it around their house back in january and was trying to get rid of it), but really I think she just wants to keep it. We're not positive what kind of dog she is, but she's really actually pretty sweet and well behaved. I'm not much for animals, but Shadow (that's what she's been named) is pretty ok. And she's good with Taylor.
. Her only downside is that she's not great and minding. I think that will imporove once she's gotten used to us, but really. You open the kitchen gate and she SHOOT out of it...and she's FAST! Anyway, so my SIL went to Petsmart and bought a little doggie discipline clicker thingy:
. It's worked pretty well so far.
Well, this morning, Taylor was demonstrating how incredibly observant and smart she is. My SIL went into the kitchen, but didn't close the gate all the way. For her, that's ok. Shadow sticks to her like, well, a shadow. So, while Shadow wasn't showing any signs of bolting, Taylor ran to the kitchen gate and closed it. Then, she ran and got the clicker and said "No Shadow" and clicked it. IT was so cute. And, since I knew that Taylor understood what the clicker was for, I thought I would try a little experiment. Taylor started acting up about 10 min later, so I grabbed the clicker, clicked it, and said "No Taylor." She responded by glaring at me. I'd set the clicker down...Jared picked it up and told me I probably shouldn't use it on her. Taylor responded to THAT by snatching the clicker from his hands, pointing it at me, clicking it and saying "No Mommy" in her most authoritative voice. Jared and I cracked up. I guess I got told!

***I probably should mention that the clicker is totally harmless. The only thing it does is make a metallic sound, similar, but much louder and stronger, to clicking the lid of a jar of jelly...just wanted to clarify that I'm not torturing my child :)


Wendy Hansen said...

Now that's funny. I think you should totally use it on her. We used to make a beeping noise on Tyler when he was a naughty baby. I wonder if it still works?

Lisa and Jared said...

I told my mom this story, and she said that some of the kindergarten teachers she's worked with have used the clickers on their students! My teachers used whistles and bells...I can imagine the clicker is just as effective, but oh so much quieter for the neighboring classrooms.