Friday, June 24, 2011

Chapterhouse Lane

My friend, who I haven't seen in nearly enough the past few years, is passionate about writing. Not only is she passionate about it, but she's TALENTED. She's been posting a story, in bits in pieces, on a blog, and I'm on pins and needles at every post! This is really a fantastic story, and EVERYONE who sees this post should read it. Seriously. This girl is amazing!

Click HERE to start it! (She hasn't posted very far into it, so it would only take maybe 10 minutes to catch up!)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I have been thoroughly enjoying this lately:

Jared and I borrowed Seasons 1-4 from a friend, and I am SO glad we did! It's hilarious!

Monday, June 20, 2011

moving on...

I think it's safe to say that I GROSSLY failed the blog challenge...which some people, my husband included, predicted. All I can say is that I'm just impressed with myself that I kept it going for 15 straight days. But, life goes on, and I will try to update any readers (if I actually have any) on my recent activities.

Not quite a month ago, I was supposed to travel to Salt Lake City, UT with the EVMCO choir that I'm in (to learn more, click HERE. Our organization had been given the amazing opportunity to record an original oratorio written by one of our directors, Brett Stewart. The piece is called Messiah in America and it is REMARKABLE. The oratorio tells of the story of the Nephites and when Christ came to the Americas...the text is STRAIGHT out of 3rd Nephi. Seriously. Not only is Brett talented, but the whole thing was totally inspired. Anyway, EVMCO and OCMCO (the branch of the same organization that is in Orange County, CA) arranged it so we could travel to Salt Lake City and do a professional recording of the oratorio and then...wait for it....perform it in the TABERNACLE. Pretty amazing opportunity. However, I decided not to go. Some may think I'm crazy for turning down such an epic opportunity, but I know I made the right choice.
I already had the week asked off from work, so I to pack Taylor up in the car (her first road trip) and drive to Thatcher to visit my SIL Kelly. I had an amazing, relaxing time bonding with her, and Taylor loved playing with little Sam (who IS the cutest little boy ever). I, being the stupid person that I am, didn't bring a camera, but luckily Kelly is a good photographer and took several pictures of our adventures. You can view her blog post about the trip HERE. Thanks for letting us come and stay, Kelly! We had a grand time!

Jared and I also recently took Taylor to the movie theater for the first time. It was experience? We got invited to my boss's wife's surprise 50th bday party where they had rented out a theater to watch:
. I LOVE my boss's wife. Like a lot. So, I wasn't going to miss it, and I thought it would be a good experiment in seeing how Taylor would do at a movie. Taylor actually wasn't horrible, but she doesn't sit still very well. I should've figured it would be like that since she can't sit through a whole movie at home. At home, she'll sit for about 20 min and then have to get up and start doing something while she's watching. Like now, for example. She's laying down watching Beauty and the Beast, but she's also playing a Nintendo Wii controller. So basically, Daddy and I didnt get much out of the movie, and I'm not sure how much Taylor got out of it. It was cute...for what I saw, anyway.

ooh! A week ago, Jared took me on the most amazing date EVER. We doubled with our friends Josh and Dyan to eat at:
(my FAVORITE restaurant) and then to Gammage to see:
Holy cow! Jared, Josh, and Dyan had all seen it before, but I'd never seen the production before. I have however seen the 10th Anniversary and 25th Anniversary productions that aired on PBS (and now own them on Dvd) and happen to have like 99% of the entire production MEMORIZED...but I'd never SEEN it done before. IT. WAS. AWESOME. I cried several times. AMAZING!!!!

Now. Enough about me...and on to my favorite topic: Taylor. I still like her :). Seriously though, she is SUCH a joy...even in her "terrible twos." Some things about her: she finally graduated from her crib to a big girl bed. It's been kind of a rough transition, but a necessary one as she finally figured out how to climb out of her crib. I'm really surprised it didn't happen sooner with how she's got crazy climbing skills. It's taken a while for her to figure out that she has to STAY in her bed...and we had to take drastic measures to keep her in her room (since she can open doors too). We had to put one of those child-proof door-knob covers on the doorknob inside her room. It makes her VERY frustrated. So, this is our nightly routine: I tuck her in and lie next to her while we sing about a billion primary songs. Then I kiss her goodnight. At this point she bolts out of bed and demands a hug. Then I tuck her back in. Then she bolts out of bed and demands a kiss. Then I tuck her back in. This repeats several times before I tell her to go to bed...I then bolt out of her room and close the door really fast before she can run after me and stop the door from closing. Of course, crying ensues. Eventually, Taylor falls asleep...right up against the door....but not before she pulls her stuffed animals, blankets and pillow down with her. So, before I go to bed, I have to slip into her room (with great difficulty since she's right up against the door and slipping through a narrow door-opening is getting increasingly difficult with my growing, pregnant belly) and put her in bed. When she wakes up in the morning, she either starts screaming because she can't open the door, or she yells "mommy!" while knocking on her door. It's fun!
Taylor's vocabulary and imagination are growing more and more every day as well. And, her sentences are hilarious! I remember learning in one of my education classes that the average sentence length for a 2 year old is 2-3 words. Taylor speaks PARAGRAPHS! And you can understand most of what she's saying! It's super hilarious when she says adult-type things in her sing-songy voice. Like her response to Daddy when he was telling her how pretty she looked in her pretty dress: "Thank you so very much!" Another favorite is how she DECLARES things: "Tati pooping!" and then a few minutes later, "Tati finished pooping!" (that one's fun in Sacrament meeting...), or "Tati needs m&m's!" (not want....needs), or when she tries some new food, she'll try it for a minute then make a funny face "Tati don't like it!" And, I love that she STILL calls herself "Tati"...she can say "Taylor" just fine...and if you ask her what her name is, she'll say "Taylor Kelly Payne" as clear as day... but she's just Tati. I hope she always keeps it. It's cute!
I love that little girl so much! And, I love how excited she is about having a baby sister. All the time she says "Baby Abby in mommy's tummy!" She's going to be the BEST big sister!