Saturday, July 30, 2011

Things That Make Taylor Unique...

If you've ever met Taylor, you can't deny her total and utter cuteness. Because, let's face it...she's pretty much the most adorable thing ever. Lately, though, I've been having a hard time realizing how big she's getting and have had a fun time just watching her. As I've been soaking her up, I've noticed some really funny things about her and thought I'd share with the blogging world...not that anybody reads this anymore :)

-she talks and communicates at a much more advanced level than is typical for her age. I've never seen a little person be able to communicate so effectively...I need to get some recordings up here of her little sweet voice.

-she doesn't like anything gummy...including fruit snacks. Wierd, right? I'm guessing it's a texture thing, but this makes it impossible to get her to eat her vitamins (they're gummy bear vitamins). A few days ago, I thought she'd actually eat them, but Papa reported that she chewed them for a second, spit them out into her hand, and said "Tati don't like them. Make Tati sick." What?! So funny!

-She's started talking with a southern accent. I have NO idea where this came from, but she consistently makes words with only one syllable (particularly "now", "down", and "help") into 2 syllable words. Hilarious and very strange.

-She would rather snack on Frosted Miniwheats than Fruit Loops or CHeerios.

-The only yogurt we can get her to consistently eat is Activia (maybe she has "tummy troubles?")

-She has an excellent sense of fashion. Not only does she insist on picking out her own outfits, but she enjoys helping me get dressed. The other day, I was wearing 2 different pairs of shoes, trying to decide which pair looked better with my outfit. Taylor walks up, looks at them for a second, and points to one shoe said "Tati don't like that one." She then pointed to the other shoe and said "Tati like that one". Not only was it so cute, but she was right! And, she is always complimenting people on what they are wearing...but she's very specific: "Papa, I like your tie", "pretty hair momma!" One time, I was wearing my purple scrubs before work and she ran up to me and said "Cute mamma!" then ran off. She's so sweet!

-she doesn't like drinking water, but she'd suck on ice all day.

-she LOVES to share...except at home with Gunner. But, I've noticed at church that she is much more content with handing her books out to the people around us than she is doing anything else.

-She's very protective of her momma! Anytime I say "ouch", she says "what happened?!" in a very concerned voice. Then, she'll kiss the thing that hurt. A few weeks ago, I wasn't feeling very well, so I had Jared put her to bed at night. The next morning, Jared happened to be awake before me (which is really rare) so he got her up too. He said the first thing out of Taylor's mouth was "Mommy feel better? Mommy happy?" So sweet!

I have the sweetest little girl! Don't get me wrong...she's also super crazy and manipulative, but she's such a joy most of the time! I love my Taylor Kelly Payne and can't wait to see how she interacts with baby Abby!


nate and marne said...

and you said nobody reads this!! i always do, and enjoy taylor's antics! she reminds me of rachel, with her craziness too! can i borrow her to pick which shoes go with my outfit better? nathan is no help!! good luck with baby abby. can't wait to meet her!!

Kelly said...

Oh how I miss my Tati. She is so funny.

Staceygirl said...

I hardly ever get to see her, so it's good to read these posts and learn about her little personality. I can't believe you're already about to have another one! Time flies...