Thursday, August 25, 2011

You're Title Here...

I can't come up with the name for this post...I'm not feeling particularly creative right now :).

I was never the kind of person that enjoyed the educational portion of school (social, yes). I mean, I always did well and caught on to concepts pretty quick and got good grades, but I don't think that I could say that I enjoyed learning. I haven't taken a class in almost 5 years...and now I'm CRAVING it! I feel like my poor brain is dying from misuse (and all you snarky family members: YES. I have a brain and I use it). All of you students out there that are dreading your classes, be grateful. I mean, this week at work, we've had training classes on how to use our new EMR (electronic medical records- yes, we are slowly being introduced to modern technology, finally) system, and I've just been soaking it up, which is really odd because I've never been particularly interested in technology. But, it's something. I need to find an outlet! And, I'm not the kind of person that can do an independent study on something...I lack the discipline to study independently of instructoin (unlike my husband who will just read up on a subject that he's interested in and become expert). Blech!

So, while my brain is withering from lack of exercise, Taylor's is bursting from imagination. She's recently entered into the stage where she's playing pretend (the other day, she had a bunny rabbit that apparently lived behind the curtains that she kept checking on throughout the day...and at one point, she opened the blinds and said "oh no! Oh no! Oh cwap! it's raining!"...which it clearly wasn't...). This also means that she's become scared of a lot of things...I had a very active imagination, but I don't remember being scared of things. Taylor is now afraid of the dark, shadows on the wall, and various characters on her favorite shows (like "dragon Pete" from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). She's also become very much a "momma's girl", which I don't really mind (except when she insists that I'm the only one that is allowed to change her diaper....). It's the best when I come home from work- she runs to me at full speed and attaches herself to my legs for a minute and tells me she loves me. And, she's starting to talk about Baby Abby and how she gets to be a big sister. For a while, I wondered if she really understood what was going to happen, but I think she's getting it!

I love my Tati girl...watching her grow and progress is one of the most heart-warming things ever. I feel so sorry for women who never want to have kids. I mean, I have never known true joy until Taylor came around...can you imagine having a life without joy?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The List

Lately, for a variety of reasons, I've been feeling pretty down. Which is lame. But, what is especially lame is that when I start to feel down, I go in a terrible downward spiral of mind is drawn to everything in my life that I can skew as unfortunate. So, yesterday as I was driving home from work in my haze of gloom, I remembered that in junior high/high school when I started to get a little "blah", I'd make a list of everything good in my life...and that always helped. Because I felt like I may need a reminder of the "GOOD THINGS", I thought I'd blog the list so I can easily look back at it.

-I have the smartest, cutest daughter of all time.
-I have a husband who loves me and who does a pretty dang good job of handling me.
-I have awesome in-laws who graciously allow us to live with them
-I have awesome in-laws who babysit my kid for free which allows me to help contribute to our family financially so we can get out of debt
-I love the power of the Priesthood
-I can read the scriptures and it always brings me peace
-Kelly and Jason and Sam are visiting
-I got to see the Pettits
-I have a super awesome, fun calling
-I have the Gospel
-my "check engine" light isn't on anymore
-I finished the second book in the Lord of the Rings trilogy...that much closer to being able to read whatever I want!!!
-I have easy pregnancies
-I work in a pain mgt/physical therapy office where the providers take care of all of my aches and pains for free
-Sara Bareilles music
But most of all, I'm so grateful for my Savior and the Atonement. I love the fact that even these stupid feelings that make me feel so insignificant are feelings that He understands and experienced so that I'd have someone who knows exactly what I feel...for no other reason than the fact that He loves me. That, more than anything else helps me out of my "funks". I love my Savior and Heavenly Father...I can't imagine how depressing my life would be without the knowledge of Their love for me.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

"Where did Tatinana go?"

One of the very first movies that Taylor ever became obsessed with is:

And, because Taylor is a little princess, naturally her favorite character is Tiana:
But, because Taylor inherited my awesome need to complicate words, she calls her "Tatinana" (probably a combination of what she calls herself and Tiana...). Keep this little fact in mind as I relate the following anecdote.
Last night was a RehabArizona company party, which are always awesome. There's always raffle prizes (I never win the big prize, which was an IPad2 this year, but to the frustration of everyone, I always manage to come away with something, which this year included an Ipod Shuffle...I'm just that awesome!), food, and fun. This year, the annual swim party was at Big Surf. I've never been there before (Sunsplash was always the preference of my friends), and it was definitely Taylor's first time. She had a BLAST!!!! We were there until about 10 pm...and we really left because my poor pregnant legs felt like deadweights, but Taylor could've gone ALL NIGHT.
Anyway, I digress. One of my coworkers, Ashley, brought her boyfriend and his kids with her to the shindig. Ashley brought the youngest girl (I think her name was Shyana) over to meet Taylor who was about her age..She was SO cute! She's this sweet little half-Black, half-white girl with the brightest blue eyes you've never seen. She also had those cute little scalp-braids that Taylor was just fascinated with (she kept petting them...). Anyway, they seemed to get along pretty well for the few minutes that they were together. Ashley needed to get something to eat, so she and Shyana went back to their table. Taylor didn't see them leave, so when she noticed that they'd left, she said "Where did Tatinana go?" Jared, Papa, and I started cracking up. Apparently, Taylor hasn't seen very many Black girls...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My daughter is pretty hilarious!

Have you ever heard of "Potter Puppet Pals?" If not, please watch THIS video (the rest of the post won't make sense unless you do). If you have seen it before, just enjoy it again. It's hilarious.

Now, what does that have to do with my daughter being hilarious? Well, I'll tell you. So, Taylor loves music, which is to be expected with having Jared and I as parents. That being said, there was no way we could be prepared for how quickly she learns lyrics. I've had to be very careful with what songs we have her listen to (not that we listen to bad music, but, ya know...). So, when I put her to bed at night, I have 4-5 primary songs/hymns that I sing to her. Of course, being the active little girl she is, she usually sings songs of her own while I'm singing to her...I don't usually mind because it seems to help calm her. Tonight, however, as I was singing "I am a Child of God" to her, I here her singing very quietly, almost whispering. For a few seconds, I thought she was singing along with me, and my heart just glowed! But, as i listened closer, I heard that she was actually saying "Dumbledore! Dumbledore! Nape, nape, harry potter!" what??!?!?! I think Jared and I have only showed her this video a few times! She's so crazy!!!! I love my Tati.