Saturday, August 6, 2011

"Where did Tatinana go?"

One of the very first movies that Taylor ever became obsessed with is:

And, because Taylor is a little princess, naturally her favorite character is Tiana:
But, because Taylor inherited my awesome need to complicate words, she calls her "Tatinana" (probably a combination of what she calls herself and Tiana...). Keep this little fact in mind as I relate the following anecdote.
Last night was a RehabArizona company party, which are always awesome. There's always raffle prizes (I never win the big prize, which was an IPad2 this year, but to the frustration of everyone, I always manage to come away with something, which this year included an Ipod Shuffle...I'm just that awesome!), food, and fun. This year, the annual swim party was at Big Surf. I've never been there before (Sunsplash was always the preference of my friends), and it was definitely Taylor's first time. She had a BLAST!!!! We were there until about 10 pm...and we really left because my poor pregnant legs felt like deadweights, but Taylor could've gone ALL NIGHT.
Anyway, I digress. One of my coworkers, Ashley, brought her boyfriend and his kids with her to the shindig. Ashley brought the youngest girl (I think her name was Shyana) over to meet Taylor who was about her age..She was SO cute! She's this sweet little half-Black, half-white girl with the brightest blue eyes you've never seen. She also had those cute little scalp-braids that Taylor was just fascinated with (she kept petting them...). Anyway, they seemed to get along pretty well for the few minutes that they were together. Ashley needed to get something to eat, so she and Shyana went back to their table. Taylor didn't see them leave, so when she noticed that they'd left, she said "Where did Tatinana go?" Jared, Papa, and I started cracking up. Apparently, Taylor hasn't seen very many Black girls...


Lolo said...

haha! Thats so cute! Funny girl!

Page Traveler said...

HAhahahaha! That's hilarious, guess you need to get her a bit more exposed :-)