Thursday, August 25, 2011

You're Title Here...

I can't come up with the name for this post...I'm not feeling particularly creative right now :).

I was never the kind of person that enjoyed the educational portion of school (social, yes). I mean, I always did well and caught on to concepts pretty quick and got good grades, but I don't think that I could say that I enjoyed learning. I haven't taken a class in almost 5 years...and now I'm CRAVING it! I feel like my poor brain is dying from misuse (and all you snarky family members: YES. I have a brain and I use it). All of you students out there that are dreading your classes, be grateful. I mean, this week at work, we've had training classes on how to use our new EMR (electronic medical records- yes, we are slowly being introduced to modern technology, finally) system, and I've just been soaking it up, which is really odd because I've never been particularly interested in technology. But, it's something. I need to find an outlet! And, I'm not the kind of person that can do an independent study on something...I lack the discipline to study independently of instructoin (unlike my husband who will just read up on a subject that he's interested in and become expert). Blech!

So, while my brain is withering from lack of exercise, Taylor's is bursting from imagination. She's recently entered into the stage where she's playing pretend (the other day, she had a bunny rabbit that apparently lived behind the curtains that she kept checking on throughout the day...and at one point, she opened the blinds and said "oh no! Oh no! Oh cwap! it's raining!"...which it clearly wasn't...). This also means that she's become scared of a lot of things...I had a very active imagination, but I don't remember being scared of things. Taylor is now afraid of the dark, shadows on the wall, and various characters on her favorite shows (like "dragon Pete" from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). She's also become very much a "momma's girl", which I don't really mind (except when she insists that I'm the only one that is allowed to change her diaper....). It's the best when I come home from work- she runs to me at full speed and attaches herself to my legs for a minute and tells me she loves me. And, she's starting to talk about Baby Abby and how she gets to be a big sister. For a while, I wondered if she really understood what was going to happen, but I think she's getting it!

I love my Tati girl...watching her grow and progress is one of the most heart-warming things ever. I feel so sorry for women who never want to have kids. I mean, I have never known true joy until Taylor came around...can you imagine having a life without joy?

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Jill Ison said...

i know exactly what you mean about craving to learn. thats why i went back to school last year. I always feel grateful that i can go to school even though its only for one class. taylor is so cute. My kids all went through a phase where they were afraid of the dark and then other random things like natalie was afraid of koosh balls. haha. well Lisa, congrats on the baby, i saw her on facebook and she's a bundle of cuteness.