Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Second Time Around...

DO you ever have a hard time with how to start a blog post? I know what I want to write, but there isn't a single intro that I can come up with that is pleasing to me. So, I'm just going to jump into content...sorry for the awkwardness!

Now that I'm the mom of 2 kids, I've been able to experience everything (pregnancy, delivery, nursing, etc) twice. And, can I just say that I'm so grateful for that? Past experiences can teach us so much if we let them! So, I'm going, for journaling purposes, record a bunch of comparisons.

For starters, I'm REALLY blessed to have both pregnancies be REALLY easy. With Taylor, I had minimal morning sickness...I did throw up a handful of times, but it was only when I got too hungry, or if I ate something too sweet when I was too hungry. With Abby, the only time I ever vomited was when I had the 24 hour stomach flu. HOwever, I did feel a lot more nauseous with her than I remember being with Taylor...not so bad that it kept me from activities , but enough to make me feel miserable while doing activities. Also, with both pregnancies, I neglected to take pregnancy pictures. I don't know what it is with me and photos...I just don't make them a priority! Here is pretty much the only photo I have of me being pregnant with Taylor (about a week before she was born)

and here's the ONLY one I have of being pregnant with Abby (right before leaving for the hospital):
You can't really tell from the photos, but with Abby, I was about 10 lbs heavier than with Taylor, and my tummy was quite a bit bigger....although I'm still pretty small by most standards.

For the sake of motivating me to blog more, and to prevent this post from becoming RIDICULOUSLY LONG, I've just made the executive decision to break this topic of baby comparisons into different next time I'll talk about how different my deliveries and hospital experiences were. I apologize if anyone thinks this is boring...but it's good for me to document...and I only have a handful of readers sorry!


Stephen and Amy said...

*raises hand* I'm a reader!! And I don't think it's boring. It's fascinating, and I'm taking notes so I know what to prepare for. :)

Jill Ison said...

nice cliffhanger!