Sunday, December 18, 2011

I'm Alive!

I had the goal to post more often, hopefully once a week. Fail. I also had the goal of taking more pictures during the day of my hilarious children since I'm home. Fail. Although, I'd been doing more and then the camera battery went dead and I couldn't find the charger. Upset. But, I just found it! So, the battery is now charging..JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS! Ok. Seriously. I was going to be SUPER bummed if I couldn't find it for Christmas...because Taylor is ALL about Christmas lately. I didn't think 2 year olds really had the concept of Santa...she' TOTALLY it. The best way to get her to behave lately is the tell her that Santa's going to put her on the naughty list. Works like a charm. So, I have a feeling that the pictures on Christmas this year are going to be full of a very happy, excited, hyper child. And my calm child.

Ok. Enough jibber jabber. I've got lots to catch up on, so lets back up to Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was really a week-long event for us. Jared's birthmom, Laura, was in town (long story short, yes, Jared's adopted; he met his birthmom after his mission and we keep in contact with her. She lives in NY, but her mom and sisters live here in the Valley and we see them frequently...they are an AWESOME family!), so we made a point to see her and the whole Bressler clan. Laura hadn't met Abby yet, so we'd made a plan to all go out to lunch together and then to a park, but Taylor woke up that morning with a fever. Sad day. Fortunately, Laura decided to come over to see us rather than have me take Taylor out. She loves my girls :)

I'd say Taylor looks pained because she was feeling sick, but I don't know how true that'd be. We have a really difficult time getting her to look "normal" in pictures..she has a hilarious fake smile usually.

Arlene (Laura's mom) NEVER turns down an opportunity to hold Abby (and look at the could you pass that up?).

Thanksgiving day was the day my camera battery died. This was the only picture I got of that day:

That's my mom holding Abby and my nephew Daniel...she's really good at multi-tasking :)

In other news, I've started working again...but this time from home! The office I worked at before I had Abby asked me to do Aging from home (calling on the old claims that insurance companies haven't paid and try to figure out why they didn't pay us and fix it). I get to work how ever many hours I's a pretty sweet gig. And, I actually enjoy it. Working with insurance companies is a've got to know all their tricks and try to beat them...I really like games :)

Welp, stay tuned for a Christmas post...there should be tons of pictures. It'll be epic:)