Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I LOVE doing questionnaires! I know that's crazy, but I always have, so I was excited when my friend Darci tagged me to do "Eleven Questions". Yes, I realize that I haven't done a real update for a while, but it's coming soon...I'm just waiting for the craziness of BUYING A HOUSE calms down. Yep. You read correctly! After a little over 2 years of living with Jared's parents, we FINALLY are not only able to buy a house, be we found one! This Saturday (the 24th) is the big moving day, we couldn't be more thrilled! So, I'm waiting to post about it until we've actually moved. Maybe I'll even post pictures :)

Ok. Now for the real inspiration of this post. Here are the rules for the game:

1. Write eleven random things about yourself.
2. Answer the eleven questions given.
3. Write eleven new questions.
4. Tag someone else.

Not gonna lie. The hardest part of this for me was coming up with 11 random facts about myself. I feel like I'm boring, but here you go:

1. I watched the TV show Barney until I was in 3rd grade. Yes, I could attribute that fact to having younger sisters (who were of appropriate age to be watching it), but it was really because I loved it.

2. I love Peter Pan. It was my favorite movie growing up, and I STILL have dreams that I can fly and go to Neverland. I currently own a video of the stage production of Peter Pan (with Mary Martin cast as Peter Pan), the Disney edition, Finding Neverland, Hook, and the Peter Pan movie that came out in 2003.

3. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a boy. Why? Partially because they were always going on cool campouts for Scouts. But, mostly it was because they got to buzz their hair in the summer, and I thought that was so cool. My mom would never let me buzz my hair. :(

4. When I was 6, I won the grand prize in the summer reading program at the Mesa Public Library. What did I win? $50 to Toys R' Us and my picture in the newspaper. I was pretty sure I was famous!

5. When I was in 5th and 6th grade (maybe even 4th..I can't remember), I was in an after-school club called FSEA. What did it stand for? Future Scientists and Engineers of America. It was hosted by Motorola and was SOOOOOOOO cool! I got t-shirts and everything....and also ended up with my picture in the newspaper for that as well.

6. In 6th grade, a new position in Student Council was created. It was Spirit Leader. That person would get to help do the morning announcements over the intercom and be the MC for teacher events. I didn't run for that position, but after the original person was forced to resign after getting suspended, I got elected. How? Well, everyone interested in the position had to get up in front of the rest of the Student Council and tell why they'd be a good candidate and then do something unique. I got up and got voted in unanimously after showing them my monkey impression. Not just the face (which alone is pretty impressive)....I jumped around and made monkey sounds. Yeah. I'm awesome.

7. I love the smell of coffee. I also love coffee flavored things. I'm pretty sure that I'd be one of those jittery coffee-fiends if it weren't for the Word of Wisdom. (Not sure what the Word of Wisdom is? Click HERE)

8.My nickname in high school was "French Hussy" Why? Because I got cast as that character in a musical my junior year (actually, the name of the character was Lady Mabelle, but that was essentially the role). The year after that, in a totally different musical, I got cast as a similar character....apparently I was really good at that? (and for those of you that don't know me well, I was TOTALLY the opposite in real life....my husband was my first kiss...)

9. I've never had a pet

10. For a couple of years of my childhood, my bedroom was also the kitchen.

11. As a kid, I was allergic to most fresh fruits and vegetables. My reaction was just an itchy throat so it wasn't HORRIBLE, but it definitely made for an excellent excuse not to eat them.

Ok. Here are now the questions that Darci wanted me to answer:

1. If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go?
I'd go to Hawaii...I've never been there, and I think it's beautiful

2. If your life were made into a movie, who would you cast as yourself? This is a really tough one for me...and although she looks NOTHING like me (the only celebrities I've been told I look like are Idina Menzel and Jennifer Connelly) is Emma Stone. She's funny and quirky and can play a nerd.

3. What's the best place & meal you've ever eaten? I think it would be the Valentine's Day dinner Jared and I had about 4 years ago at a restaurant in Scottsdale called Zinc Bistro. It was SOOOOOOOOOOO good and super expensive (we had a gift card), but Maggiano's is definitely a close 2nd place. That is my current favorite restaurant.

4. Where do you prefer to go if you want to just be alone and think? I haven't done it in a long time, but I used to love to roof. Now, I love my bed for that solitude...mostly because I end up falling asleep :)

5. What are your most and least favorite pizza toppings? Most favorite is cheese (I LOVE cheese!) and least favorite would be olives. Olives ruin everything. Or spicy peppers. I've never tried anchovies....maybe that would be bad too.

6. How do you calender? Paper, phone, whiteboard, etc? Currently, my iPhone. But before I had that, I'd use a combination of a planner, my calendar on the wall, and my brain. I wasn't very organized.

7. What did you have for breakfast this morning? Frosted Mini-wheats

8. If you were given a million dollars {tax exempt}, what would you do first? I would DEFINITELY pay off all of my debt first. DEFINITELY!

9. What is something you wish for every day? That Taylor will be agreeable when I put her down for naptime/bedtime. It's my least favorite time of the day :)

10. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?
umm...chocolate milk. Or any red juice. Or virgin strawberry daiquiris. Or milkshakes? I can't decide :)

11. Name one thing you love about yourself, physically or otherwise?
I love my eyes!

Ok. That's all. Now, I tag:

Julie Button
Amy Hale
Kelly Edington
Leigh Root
Alicia Jarman

and the questions you are now obligated to answer are as follows:

1. What crime would you commit if you knew you would be exempt of all negative consequences?
2. What is your dream profession?
3. Favorite leisure activity?
4. IF you were to win a kid-free, week-long vacation to anywhere in the world, where would you go?
5. e-reader or book and why?
6. If you were in an Olympic event (Winter or Summer), what would it be?
7. What is your favorite and least favorite household chore?
8. How long can you hold your breath?
9. What is your favorite color (be very specific)?
10. What is an article of clothing you would wear if you weren't worried about modesty?
11. What is your favorite thing about yourself and least favorite thing about yourself (can be physical or otherwise)

Have fun!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Ok. I know I haven't posted anything for a while, and I apologize for that. But, this isn't for me. This is for the benefit of my SIL Kelly.
She has been nominated to receive THIS giveaway.

First of all, the giveaway is SUHWEET! I wish I could be a part of it...I mean, who WOULDN'T? But, second of all, you should actually go on and vote for Kelly. Why? Well, first of all, Kelly is AWESOME. Second of all, she's super deserving. The past few months have been so trying for her. She's literally been living in a little hotel-type room since December so that she and her hubby can be close to their dear, premature babies. She's been balancing her time with her 2 year old, Sam, with one of the twins (Ethan) who is out of the hospital, AND with Grace who's STILL in the hospital. Having 3 kids is hard enough without having them all separated. AND she's dong all if it WITHOUT the comfort of her own home! That's crazy! I think winning this giveaway would be a perfect little pick-me-up


To learn more about the awesomeness of Kelly, you can read her blog HERE