Monday, June 11, 2012


...but, hey. It's better than nothing, right? There is NO way that I could completely fill you in on ALL the events of the past 3 months, so I'll just fill you in on the most exciting parts.

First of all, and this is something that I think most people already know, but WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!!. Amazing. I know you probably want some amazing pictures of it, but I'm super these are some photos of it that I stole off of the internet:

It's one of those really cool tri-level houses where you walk in the front entrance and have the option to go upstairs or downstairs. I never really wanted a house with stairs, but I LOVE the layout! And, can I just say: location, location, location!. Ok. That's a dumb saying, but seriously. We could not have moved to a better location! We live in a 2 mile radius of every major grocery store, walking distance from the elementary and jr high schools, close enough to the freeway to be convenient but not so close that it's noisy, and ONLY A MILE AWAY FROM TARGET. Our neighborhood is pretty great too! And the ward!!! I don't even know enough adjectives to describe the amazingness of my ward! I've instantly felt at home, and I feel like the majority of the ward is in the same stage of life as Jared and I (young families). So, Taylor has tons of friends. IN fact, this last weekend, she got to go to her FIRST non-family birthday party! As you can see from the picture below, she was pretty excited:

Oh. And here's a picture of Abby to tickle your fancy as well:

Ok. Back to the topic. I said this before, but I LOVE MY WARD. Both Jared and I got callings right away...after only being in the ward for 2 weeks I got called to be the 2nd counselor in the Primary presidency. I can tell that your mouths are falling open from shock. Mine did too. It's much more intense than any other calling I've had, but I LOVE it! I have such a testimony of Primary now. I love the kids, I love the ladies that I work with, and I love Primary. Granted, I'd be more comfortable being a teacher, rather than being OVER teachers, but hey- I've got to grow up sometime!
Jared's calling came maybe a month after mine, but he's now an Assistant Scoutmaster. I think he really enjoys it- he loves working with the young men. He works closely with the husband of one of the women that I work with- so it's a good thing we really like the family! Haha! Ok, but really, that family is pretty amazing. Both he and Jared (sorry- "he" is kinda vague, but I don't wanna use names...ya know- to protect privacy) are really into's been really nice for Jared to have someone he can talk to about that stuff.

Let's other news, I love staying at home with my girls. I love watching them grow and hearing Taylor say off-the-wall, crazy things. I'll give you an example of a funny thing she said:
T: "Mommy! Come here! I want to show you something" (from the bathroom)

me: "uh...why don't you tell me about it first?" (because I was really suspicious of what she could possibly have to show me in the bathroom)

T: "No! Just come see!"

me: *giving in and going over to her* "What is it?"

T: "Look! A poop snake!" (she'd just pooped)

me:*inwardly groaning* "Oh! It's a stinky snake!"

T: "No it's not! It's taking a bath!"

See? She's crazy. But ya gotta love her!


by...K@ Ashcroft said...

That is fantastical Lisa! Your daughter is fabulous BTW. :P

Staceygirl said...

Hey, you said up front that this was the short, edited version! It's good to hear from you every now and again :)